Pure 925 Sterling Silver Love Wings design Ring in Cubic Zirconia (NB-RN305A)


Naseem Bazaar featuring this Love Wings unique design ring with a striking appeal! These silver rings are just perfect for daily wear and occasions! Made with pure (925) sterling silver with Turkish Cubic Zirconia.

Ring Size Guide

Buy with confidence, 925 stamped on each item to ensure our guarantee.

Ring Size Chart

Looking for Ring Size Chart and Guide ? We perfectly understand that while shopping for a ring online you might be concerned about ring size. We have the Ring Size Chart to help you to determine the correct size. Find your ring size with confidence. Use Either Method 1 or Method 2 Below to determine your ring size.

Method 1:

Ring size method 1


Method 2:

Ring size method 2


Now follow the ring size chart below to determine your size with the measurements taken from above mentioned methods. For example, if your measurement taken from method 1 (circumference) is 57mm or 2.24 inch , your size would be US 8 or Pakistan size 17-18.

Ring Size chart


What is 925 Sterling Silver:

Pure 99.9% silver is relatively soft and to make jewelry it is usually alloyed with 7.5% copper and other metals to increase its hardness and strength. So the purity of silver decreased to 92.5% and that’s why it called 925 Sterling silver.

Note: Colors may varies from picture shown.

Naseem Bazaar offers you the top quality pure 925 sterling silver (chandi) rings best price in Pakistan! What are you waiting for? Start shopping only at NaseemBazaar.pk!



Ring Size

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Ring Size ChartPRO TIP: If your measurement falls between two ring sizes, than choose the larger size. Our standard order size is ASIA Size.

ASIA Size USA Size Circumference Diameter
10 5.25 50.0mm 15.9mm
11 5.75 50.9mm 16.2mm
12 6 51.8mm 16.5mm
13 6.5 52.8mm 16.8mm
14 7 54.0mm 17.2mm
15 7.25 55.0mm 17.5mm
16 7.75 55.9mm 17.8mm
17 8 56.9mm 18.1mm
18 8.5 57.8mm 18.4mm
19 8.75 59.1mm 18.8mm
20 9.25 60.0mm 19.1mm
21 9.5 60.9mm 19.4mm
22 10 61.9mm 19.7mm
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