Pure 925 Sterling Silver Earrings in Cubic Zirconia (NB-ER231)


Naseem Bazaar featuring this unique design drop earrings with a striking appeal! These silver earrings are just perfect for parties and daily wear! Made with pure (925) sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia. This design is available in multiple color combination.

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  • Whole Metal is Guaranteed 925 Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium Plating for Luster, Durability and Scratch Resistance
  • Turkish Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Gemstones used

Jewelry: Earrings
Metal: Pure 925 Sterling Silver
Gems: Cubic Zirconia
Polish: Rhodium Plating
Lock Type: Latch Back

Buy with confidence, 925 stamped on each item to ensure our guarantee.

What is 925 Sterling Silver:

Pure 99.9% silver is relatively soft and to make jewelry it is usually alloyed with 7.5% copper and other metals to increase its hardness and strength. So the purity of silver decreased to 92.5% and that’s why it called 925 Sterling silver.

Note: Colors may varies from picture shown.

Naseem Bazaar offers you the top quality pure 925 sterling silver (chandi) earrings best price in Pakistan! What are you waiting for? Start shopping only at NaseemBazaar.pk!



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